Advisory Boards
Airport Committee
Planning & Zoning
Community Redevelopment Agency Membership
Board of Adjustments / Code Enforcement
Pension Committee
Citizen Advisory Committee

The City of Williston has several boards that meet on a regular basis. These include the elected governing board, the city council, which meets the first Tuesday after the first Monday of the month and on Tuesday two weeks thereafter at 7 p.m.

Besides the council, there are other boards that meet on a regular basis and a couple that meet as needed. All of the meetings are open to the public. City Clerk's office is the focal point for the City Council and advisory boards and committees.

City Council members are: Marc Nussel, president; Debra F. Jones, vice-president; Steve Holcomb, Brooks Holloway and Michael Shoemaker, council members and R. Gerald Hethcoat, mayor.

The Airport committee has general oversight of operations at the Williston Municipal Airport. This includes policies and procedures and making recommendations about lease agreements for the airport and industrial park. This committee meets at 4:00 p.m. at the FBO on the Wednesday of the week between Council meetings - if necessary. Airport Committee members are: Cal Byrd, Earl Ogle, Brooks Holloway, William McGarvey,Tom Sumpter, Don Nelson, Debra Jones, Chairwoman; and Non-Voting member Marcus Collins, Airport Manager.

The Planning and Zoning commission acts as an advisory board to the city council and to the board of adjustment. The broad duties of this board include, health, welfare, sanitation, economic stability, beautification, general civic improvement, historical, survey need for municipal improvements and make recommendations on all matters affecting the physical development of the city.
Planning and Zoning members are: Avis Seabrook, chairman; Don Nelson, vice chair, Virginia McDonald, Auguste Zettler, Carl Pinkston, Cara Fortney, Alice Kinzer.
Meets the last Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m.

Community Redevelopment Agency Membership: Dr. Ken Schwiebert, chairman; Nick Williams, vice chair, Betty Fender, Jim Smith Jr., Jonathan Lewis.
Meets the second Monday of the month at 5:15.

Board of Adjustments / Code Enforcement: Sharon Brannan, Chair, Doris Mikell, Vice-Chair, Susan Alvarez, Marion Cason and Royal French, Wayne Carson, Steve McMillen.
Meets as needed.

Pension Committee: C. Byrd, Clay Connolly, Debra Jones, and Betty Stevens.
Meets as needed.

Citizen Advisory Committee: B. Hughes, Jeff Basing, J. Cason, C. Sims, Steve McMillen.
Meets as needed.

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