The Cedar Chest, on East Noble Avenue across from the library, features antiques and collectibles from many eras. Maxine Krueger has gathered furniture, decorative items, glassware, dinnerware and fabulous knick-knacks to complement any décor.

A fascinating feature of the shop is the murals inside and out. They were painted by George Morris, whose beautifully carved signs adorn many of the businesses in Williston. Morris is also responsible for the marvelous "Welcome to Williston" signs on the Hwy 41 and SR 121 entrances to the city.

Dixie Howell's antiques business was once a storefront on Noble Avenue. Two years ago, she bought a vacant lot about two blocks from her shop and put up a building which now houses her own collection and spaces for other vendors, including the handcrafted southwestern furniture and decorative items at River Ranch Trading Company. The historic cracker house behind the main building was completely renovated and is now "The 1900s House," an additional repository for antiques and (a 21st-century touch) a tanning salon!

The Ivy House, a popular restaurant in Williston that draws visitors from all over the region, features an antique-laden décor; most of the items are available for purchase.

Hale's General Store, just a block south on N. Main Street, offers antiques and collectibles - and ice cream - in its homey atmosphere.

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