An American Heartland Small Town

Williston lies in the northeast corner of Levy county and represents a crossroads. An American heartland small town with approximate population of 2,400 people, surrounded by a variety of working farms, later-day private homesteads and miles of scenic back-roads. The area attracts independent minded people from all over Florida as well as many new Floridians who want to put a little distance between their homes and the Interstate/shopping center/traffic jam scenes that so dominate our modern activities.

The area has many hidden treasures that make it a wonderful place to live and work, raise a family or retire. Locals take for granted the peace and quiet of the surroundings, the low crime rate, and the overall healthy, unpolluted environment.


Williston Back Then

Back in 1853 the area we know as Williston was actually a part of Marion County.

Jesse Mercer Willis, then a county tax collector, decided to homestead the area and build his plantation.

The tall timber, rich soil and good water made the area well suited for his purpose.

Today the area is still predominantly rural and unspoiled, but things have changed a bit...

Williston Today

Downtown Williston is a bustling retail center - with involvement of neither government grant nor large developer. One property owner made some improvements, others followed and businesses moved in. Customers have followed bringing with them the whole town's appreciation for the transformation.

Education and churches have played vital roles in building the city into a close knit community. We currently have four public schools and one private school.

Williston has excellent police and fire protection, with sanitation, sewerage, natural gas and electrical service supplied by the city. Cable TV is available in the city limits and adjacent areas.

Nature Coast Regional Hospital provides emergency, quick care, surgical and routine hospital care.

The local airport, owned by the City of Williston, is a growing and dynamic operation run by experienced professionals. It offers fixed base facilities and pilot training along with an active skydiving group.

The Airport Industrial Park, adjacent to the airport, is being developed with clean, environmentally sound industry. Approximately 700 acres are available for development and we welcome inquiries from prospective businesses.

For eating out Williston offers hometown restaurants with varied menus for family dining.

Williston area residents enjoy many educational, entertainment and economic advantages from the town's close proximity to the cities of Gainesville and Ocala. Gainesville, a beautiful 25 minute drive from Williston, is home to the University of  Florida and Shands medical facilities. Both Santa Fe Community College, and Central Florida Community College in Ocala are excellent resources and easily accessible to Williston area residents.

Williston offers all this and more. Why not visit our American Heartland Small Town today?

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